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19th Century

1844 - 1849: Le Club des Hashischins

Club de Hashishins Hotel de LazunIn 1840 Dr Jaques Joseph Moreau wanted to use the hashish experience as a model psychosis. To do this kind of research he had to observe the effects of hashish objectively. Only by invoking the help of volunteers he could observe the drug's effects on others while he himself was abstimious.[1] In 1844 Dr. Jacques-Joseph Moreau founded Le Club des Hashischins (The Hashish Club), a cotterie of France's leading artists poets and writers dedicated to the exploration of drug-induced experiences, in particular with hashish.

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1845: Dr Jacques Joseph Moreau writes his book Hashish and Mental Alienation

Dr. Jacques Joseph MoreauJacques-Joseph Moreau, a promment psychiatrist, was the first medical man to do systematic work with drugs active in the central nervous system, and to catalogue, analyze, and record his observations.

His 1845 book, Hashish and Mental Alienation, is still applicable today. Moreau termed marijuana a personality ”agent provocateur.”

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