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Hemp History CE

77 CE: Dioscorides described cannabis in 'De Materia Medica'

Later representation of Pedanius DioscoridesPedanius Dioscorides (circa 40—90 CE) was a Greek physician, pharmacologist, botanist and the author of a 5-volume encyclopedia or pharmacopeia about herbal medicine and related medicinal substances: 'De Materia Medica'. Written in five books around the year 77, 'De Materia Medica' deals with approximately 1,000 simple drugs.

The travels Dioscorides made as a surgeon with the armies of the Roman emperor Nero provided him an opportunity to study the features, distribution, and medicinal properties of many plants and minerals.[1] It documented the description and direct observations of plants, fruits, seeds, the effects that various drugs had on patients. Excellent descriptions of nearly 600 plants along with a number of therapeutically useful animal and mineral products, including colchicum, water hemlock, peppermint and cannabis, are contained in the Materia Medica.

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77 - 79 CE: Pliny the Elder describes the cultivation and the industrial and medical use of cannabis

Pliny the ElderGaius Plinius Secundus (23 CE – August 25, 79 CE), better known as Pliny the Elder, was a Roman author, naturalist, and natural philosopher, as well as naval and army commander of the early Roman Empire. Spending most of his spare time studying, writing or investigating natural and geographic phenomena in the field, he wrote an encyclopedic work, Naturalis Historia, which became a model for all such works written subsequently.[1]

The Natural History (Latin: Naturalis Historia) is an encyclopedia published circa CE 77–79. It is one of the largest single works to have survived from the Roman Empire to the modern day and purports to cover the entire field of ancient knowledge, based on the best authorities available to Pliny. The Natural History consists of 37 books. In books XII–XXVII he describes Botany, including agriculture, horticulture and pharmacology. In book XIX and XX Pliny describes the industrial, medical use and cultivation of cannabis.

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