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Hemp History CE

1300: The city of Callosa de Segura in Spain is the largest producer of hemp-made goods.

The medieval city of Callosa de Segura in the south of Valencia, in Spain was the world's largest producer of hemp wire, ropes and nets.

The city's history with hemp started during the middle ages after the king of Aragon drove the Moors out of Valencia during the reconquesta. The economy of the city was based on industry and agriculture. The most prominent industry was the manufacture of wire, rope and nets made from hemp. This made Callosa de Segura a powerful industrial center. Callosa de Segura has among its official titles "City of Hemp" [1].


1.Museo Del Canamo Callosa de Segura.
Research and text © Hempshopper Amsterdam.

1484: Pope Innocent VIII labels cannabis as an unholy sacrament

Pope Innocent VIII (1432 – 25 July 1492), born Giovanni Battista Cybo (or Cibo), was Pope from 1484 until his death. At the beginning of his career as a pope on 5 December 1484 he issued a papal bull called "Summis desiderantes" (English: Desiring with supreme ardor)[1].

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